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Tired All the Time?

So much unexplained tiredness comes from a breakdown in mitochondrial function. In Patrick Holford’s upcoming seminars in SA, he’ll be talking about how to increase... Read More

Dry Skin?

Winter’s dry, cold air can cause itchy and painful conditions such as eczema and severe dry skin. If you are suffering from dry skin this... Read More

Good Medicine

Patrick Holford’s latest book – Good Medicine- is a comprehensive book for anyone who values a naturalapproach to health. It is a guide to the... Read More

Stress Kills

Most of us realize that stress is not good for us, but it’s become such a normal part of our existence that many people don’t... Read More

The Milk Myth

Milk and other dairy products are a large part of many people’s daily diet. Dairy is considered an essential source of protein, iron and calcium... Read More

The Power of Protein

It was world diabetes day yesterday – an annual day dedicated to engaging millions of people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness. Patrick Holford’s book, Say... Read More

Homeo… What?

Isn’t it interesting that there is a force that moves us up, in opposition to gravity that keeps us down? Plants reach towards the sun,... Read More

Brain Polluters

Your brain and nervous system are made up of essential fats, protein and phospholipids- all of which can be damaged by oxidants, sometimes called ‘free... Read More

5 Habits to Make

Most people have some “bad” eating habits that they find hard to break. Because of these, our bodies are permanently under assault from toxins and... Read More